Board of Director
 Edward Scott, Jr.
 Ronald  Davison, Sr.
 Frank Daniel Somrack

Executive Officers
 Edward Scott, Jr.- President -CEO
 Kimberly Cummings - Secretary
 Rita  Davison -Treasurer -CFO


 Honorary Board Members

Ronnie Esset t - The Dragon 

 John W. Frierson – Commission.   Chairman 

 Referee Wayne Hedgepeth    

  Albert Baker -  

 Time Keeper Tiffany Clinton  

 Adrian Dove, Parade President and CEO-CORE-CA 

 Former Fighter/Trainer Kevin Morgan 

  Ottis Griffin 

 Henry TillMan 

 Prince Charles Martin 

        Mike Tyson
 Joe Frazier (Emeritus) 

 Arnold Isaac (Emeritus) A A    
 Carlos Palomino
 Les Wolff  


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