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We are currently seeking funding and sponsors for the Henry Armstrong Foundation 2019 Athletic/Medical Scholarship Program.

In the memory of Henry Armstrong, the scholarships are designed to help eliminate those financial boundaries and to promote more equal opportunity in college attendance.

The Henry Armstrong Foundation Scholarship Program allows students entering into college to receive aid in the cost of their initial application, tuition and book fees. (See scholarship guidelines below.)

Your contributions help students and their families realize their dreams of their child attending college.

$3,000.00, provides a student with a grant for their initial application, tuition and book fees. However, no donation is too small or too big.

If you would like to become a sponsor of our scholarship program contact Mr. Scott at (800) 838-2316 or if you would rather make a donation, please click on the donation button.

The guidelines for these scholarships are as follows:

Each student will be awarded $3,000.00, to aid in the cost of the initial application, tuition and book fees.

1. Minimum GPA 2.5

2. Must have gained acceptance into the school of your choice.

3. All applications must be received by the deadline.

4. At least 3 letters of recommendation will be accepted only from your Teachers, Clergy, or Counselors.

5. The recipient will be chosen by the Board of Directors. 

6. One page essay - describing your financial needs and goals.

7. The awarded recipient will be notified in writing.

8. You must be a U.S.citizen to apply.

9.Scholarships are awarded to assist financially needy students 


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