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As Founder of the Henry Armstrong Foundation, Inc., I give all the credit and glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The formation of this Foundation could not have been possible, without God and my Family.

Several years ago, my family and I decided to honor our grandfather with his official website, for the purpose of having his legacy live on. My grandfather was a soft spoken, brilliant, kind hearted gentleman outside of the boxing ring. He cared deeply about God, family, and the at-risk youth.

Since the beginning of the foundation's operation in 2006, and through our partnership with The Midnight Mission, we have fed several thousand people by sponsoring their Mobile Kitchen Adopt a Day program, where we travel across Los Angeles and bring food to those individuals who are unable to go to the mission.

We have fed over 5,000 children through our partnership with the Feed the Children organization and sponsored a summer camp for kids and supported the Junior Achievement Foundation's Annual Campaign Fundraiser.

The foundation was formed out of love for an extraordinary Champion, who made extraordinary contributions for at-risk youth and those who were less fortunate.

There are many folks around the world that are going without meals on a daily basis, along with at-risk youth in need of guidance and financial assistance. The Henry Armstrong Foundation, Inc., is geared towards being a part of the solution.

I am extremely proud of my grandfather; he is my hero and inspiration for this organization.

I am appealing to every boxing fan, professional boxer, trainers,commentator and the general public, to join in the fight to help those who are less fortunate in honor of Henry Armstrong.



Edward Scott, Jr.- President-CEO
God Bless