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Henry Armstrong Foundation - MLK Parade 30th Annual Kingdom Day Parade in Los Angeles Califorina Janurary 19th 2015        


The Henry Armstrong Foundation would like to thank our sponsors and participants for making our 2nd Annual Kingdom Day Parade a success in honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., former WBC, President Jose Sulaiman and Boxing Legend Henry Armstrong, in the 30th Annual Kingdom Day Parade. 


In honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, former WBC, President Jose Sulaiman and Boxing Champion Henry Armstrong, past, current and future boxing champions came out to show their support in this year's Martin Luther King Parade in Los Angeles, CA.







                 OAK PAPER PRODUCTS COMPANY, INC         


Special Thanks to:

Michael Montero - on Boxing

Tiffany Lam - photographer/videographer

Albert Baker - InstantBoxing.com 



 Edward Scott, Jr. - HAF- President-CEO

Kimberly Cummings - HAF Secretary 

                      Hope Angelique - HAF Parade float Coordinator       

Jill Diamond - WBC Board of Governors and WBC Cares Chairperson

Mohammad Noor - with WBC Cares

Nancy Rodriguez - President/CEO of Supreme Boxing

Holt McCannally - Actor

State Of California Dept. Of Consumer Affairs:

John W. Frierson – Commission. Chairman

Doctor Paul Wallace

Time Keeper Tiffany Clinton

Referee Sharon Sands

Referee Wayne Hedgepeth

Inspector Larry Ervin


Boxers On The Float:

Fighter Alfonso Gomez

Former Fighter/Trainer Kevin Morgan

Heavyweight Charles Martin

Heavyweight Taishan Dong

Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Tillman

Former Champion Israel Vasquez

Former Champion Carlos Palomino

Mauricio Herrera

Alberto Herrera

Gabriel Ruelas

Joey Ruelas

Victor Castro

Daniel Valdivia

Daniel Franco

Edwin Sandoval Carmona





























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