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Henry Armstrong Reading From the Holy Bible

Henry Armstrong Reading From the Holy Bible

Original caption: The hands that once punched savagely at opponents in the prize ring today turn the crisp pages of the Holy Bible. Hammering Henry Armstrong, who fought his way to three championships in three divisions, feather, light, and welterweight, says: "My biggest battles are still ahead of me." Today he does his slamming from a pulpit as an evangelist determined to build a home for underprivileged boys. He has written a book entitled, Twenty Years of Poems, Moods, and Meditations, which sells for a dollar, and with the proceeds from which he hopes to develop the Henry Armstrong Youth Foundation. Not that Armstrong never made much money, to the contrary, he made over $4,000,000 during a lustrous 13 year career in which he pounded through 400 fights. Now, as he tries to "infiltrate the love of brotherhood and the Godly spirit" he's odds on to flatten the devil. Image donated by: © Bettmann/CORBIS Date Photographed: December 1, 1954 Location Information: Los Angeles, California, USA

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